Northrop Nonprofit Consulting was founded in 2001 to help nonprofits, social enterprises, and non-governmental organizations strengthen their internal systems, improve service delivery, and more effectively identify and communicate the impact of their work.


  • Experienced strategy and organizational development consultant with proven ability to assist nonprofits, associations, foundations, and social enterprises in enhancing performance and improving service delivery.


  • Strong business background, strategic thinking skills, and group process facilitation expertise developed as member of leadership teams, board member and leader, and as a consultant to numerous private, public and nonprofit organizations.


  • Passion and expertise in helping social impact organizations use business management practices and skills to better fulfill their missions.



Gayle Northrop and Northrop Nonprofit Consulting have attracted an extensive client list ranging from social enterprises and social service agencies, private funders and corporate foundations, to public agencies and academic institutions.  


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  • Strong organizational background in both the business and nonprofit sector

  • Experience working with coalitions, collaborations, strategic partnerships, and networks

  • Excellent facilitation skills and experience working with diverse groups

  • Expertise in managing group process and guiding organizational change

  • Deep understanding of issues facing nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, associations and foundations

  • Extensive experience using data gathering techniques, including:

    • Interviews

    • Focus Groups

    • Surveys

    • Benchmark Studies

  • Strong network of consulting colleagues utilized for collaboration and partnership in meeting client’s diverse needs



  • Strategic Planning

Mission, Vision, Values Clarification

Facilitation of Planning Sessions

Development of Strategic Plans


  • Staff Development

        Team Building & Conflict Resolution

        Group Process Facilitation

        Management & Staff Retreats


  • Organizational Development

Leadership & Management Development

Executive Coaching

Change Management

Organizational Structure & Design

Succession Planning


  • Board Development

Board & Committee Structure

Board Evaluation

Board Retreats