Gayle Northrop has dedicated her career to helping nonprofits, social enterprises, non-governmental organizations and public institutions worldwide strengthen their internal systems, improve service delivery, and more effectively identify and communicate the impact of their work.



Gayle Northrop is a consultant, coach, and educator and President of Northrop Nonprofit Consulting, a firm specializing in strategic planning, board development, organizational development and leadership development for nonprofits, social enterprises, and non-governmental organizations worldwide...


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Where We Work


From Los Angeles to San Francisco, New York to Washington DC, Kenya to South Africa, Gayle Northrop and Northrop Nonprofit Consulting work with nonprofits, funders, international and local NGOs and ministries of health around the world...




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Honors, Awards​, & Service


In addition to her work with nonprofits, social enterprises, and non-governmental organizations, Gayle has contributed countless hours of service in her capacity as contributor and leader of multiple boards and organizations, and received a number of honors and awards for this service.



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